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 Nexiva Product Brochure and Customer Testimonials:

“I sure am glad to have a closed system, the best part is the quick flash, it’s so nice to have on hard sticks”.  Continued to say “I just had 3 nurses tell me how nice it is to have a closed system.  With COVID and having to wear so much more PPE, not having to mess with setting up the IV is so nice”.  Dustin, ED- Albuquerque VA Medical Center

I love the Nexiva’s.  Prior to using them,  I would end up with blood on the bed linens and/or the patients gown.  This is no longer an issue with the Nexiva catheter.  Great product.
ED Nurse,  University of Missouri

“I love the closed system of Nexiva.  During Covid it protected us by providing minimal exposure to blood.” 
Tulane Medical Center,  Vascular Access Team Member out of New Orleans, LA

Intrahospital Transport White Paper


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"Florence Nightingale’s passion for exceptional care paved the way for modern nursing. It’s a passion that all caregivers share, and, at Hillrom, your drive motivates us every day to support you with the products to truly make a difference for patients. Cheers to Florence’s legacy, and more importantly, cheers to all of you."

“We celebrate your passion, your service and your extraordinary efforts during this time. You are appreciated beyond measure. Thank you.”

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To all the nurses that did extra work and over time preparing for the unknown, to all the nurses that worked the front lines to rule out or treat Covid 19 patients. To all those that laid it all on the line. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!

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