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Ponl legislation and advocacy


Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC)

The NLC increases access to care while maintaining public protection at the state level. Under the NLC, nurses can practice in other NLC states, without having to obtain additional licenses.

Proposed Legislation (SB 655)
Approved by the Senate 6/24/2020, referred 6/29/2020 to House Professional Licensure Committee (HPLC)

PONL's Position - Support

Review PONL's position statement in support of Pennsylvania becoming part of the NLC.

Press Releases - PONL Supports NLC:

Safe Staffing

Two legislations have been introduced into the Pennsylvania legislature regarding mandatory nurse staffing ratios that could negatively affect the way we staff our units and run our hospitals.

PONL's Position - Oppose

The Pennsylvania Organization of Nurse Leaders (PONL) strongly opposes these proposed legislations, HB 867 and SB 450.
Read PONL's stance on nurse staffing policies.

TAKE ACTION - Tell your Legislators to Oppose HB 867 and SB 450

We encourage you to write to your State Representative and State Senator urging them to oppose HB 867 and SB 450. Follow these steps to download the appropriate materials to contact your elected officials.

    PONL Support

    Full Practice Authority

    PONL Letter in Support of Full Practice Authority for Nurse Practitioners - HB100

    PONL Letter in Support of Full Practice Authority for Nurse Practitioners - SB25

    Violence in the Workplace/No Last Name on Badges

    PONL's Position Statement on Violence in the Workplace

    Assault Against Healthcare Workers - Proposed Legislation (SB 351) Omitting Last Name on Name Badge - Proposed Legislation (SB 842)

    This legislation has passed!

    Act 51 and Act 54 of 2020 signed into legislation July 1, 2020, and takes effect after 60 days. 

    This is GREAT news! PONL was instrumental in moving these two pieces of legislation forward.

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