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The Voice of Nursing Leadership in Pennsylvania

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SWPONL COmmittees

If you are interested in becoming involved with one of the committees, please contact

The Education Committee reviews and provides input and recommendations to the Board of Directors on issues affecting leadership education as well as recommending, developing, coordinating and credentialing SWPONL education programs.  Currently, the budgeted formal education programs include two networking sessions and one annual conference.

The Membership Committee is responsible for the recruitment and retention of members and for developing marketing strategies to promote SWPONL. It defines the process for application and brings concerns or revisions to the membership process to the Board. 

    The Education and Membership committee work together to plan educational programs.

     SWPONL Education and Membership Discussion Forum

    The SWOPNL Legislation & Advocacy Committee is responsible for:

    • Reviewing legislative initiatives and issues that are related to nursing and patient care.
    • Enhancing communications and grass roots efforts from the members of SWPONL to respond to legislative issues.
    • Monitoring the corporate internal environment and serve as liaison to the region.
    • Providing input and recommendations to the Board of Directors on the development of SWPONL policy and the organizational legislative priorities.

    The Bylaws Committee reviews the bylaws a minimum of once a year and recommends changes as necessary to meet the objectives of SWPONL. The Bylaws Committee chairperson is the Chair-Elect.

    The Nominating Committee prepares a slate of candidates for President-Elect, Secretary/Treasurer and Board of Directors for each election. The slate of candidates should provide a choice to the membership, reflect the bylaws, reflect the broad program interest of SWPONL, and represent a broad geographic distribution. It must submit the list of candidates, with their bios, to the current Board of Directors and then prepare a ballot to email to each member not less than thirty days prior to the election. The Nominating Committee chairperson is the Past Chair.

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